The well-being

Get relax

We all seek, even more recently, to find well-being where it will be most effective, the most beneficial, and arguably the most in line with our needs. This can go through sport or everyday activities that are our passions. And having the time to take care of yourself, putting the time on hold to focus on yourself, this is precious.

You will be able easily to get relax at the Gîte Clair Matin, thanks to the multiple places that you can use to dedicate yourself to this art of self-renewal; the reading corner, sunbathing for relaxation, the small stone bench, the hanging garden from where you can watch the barbecue quietly.

Ready for a rest…

You will not have masseurs or masseuses available on site, we do not go that far. BUT, interesting services are available to you around the farmhouse:

  • L’évasion Beauté 37 (The Beauty escape 37) (body and facial treatment) in Montlouis
  • Cabinet Luma (fitness) in Chançay
  • Aussi vrai que nature (As true as nature) (beauty and well-being center) in Civray de Touraine
  • Parenthèse détente (Relaxation break) in Larçay
  • Shiatsuzen (massages and reflexology) in Tours Nord
  • Yann Constanza (yoga) in Nazelles-Négron

Without forgetting the countless walks that you can take in the countryside from the gîte (towards Saint-Martin le Beau, towards Montlouis, or towards the banks of the Loire).

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